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To begin contributing, search through a range of conservation projects in the database. The database provides comprehensive information that you need in making contribution choices. You can narrow down your search based on locations or types of the projects. You can also combine both fields if you are determined to contribute in a particular location and project type. Take your first step by using the contact information provided to get in touch with the respective parties, and we’ll be one step closer to stopping extinction.

Project NameLocationProject TypeProject DescriptionContact
Great Apes Survival Partnership Africa
Southeast Asia
Large Mammals
Various Types

Conservation of great apes

Dr. Johannes Refisch, GRASP Interim Co-ordinator
Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP) Secretariat

United Nations Environment Programme
P.O. Box 30552, 00100
Nairobi, KENYA

Tel: +254 20 762 4163, +254 20 762 4163
Fax: +254 20 762 3926



Endangered Species International International
Various Types

Support the conservation of a range of endangered species around the world



Save China Tigers Asia
Large Mammals
Various Types

Tiger conservation

Save China's Tigers (Beijing)
PO Box 1928
Chinese Forestry Academy
100091 Beijing, China

Phone: +86 (0) 10 6286 6588


Australia Zoo Conservation Projects International
Various Types

Support various conservation projects:
- Cheetah
- Elephant (Sumatra)
- Tigers (Sumatra)
- Tasmanian devil
- Crocodiles

Australia Zoo
1638 Steve Irwin Way
Beerwah, Queensland 4519

Telephone: (07) 5436 2000 I
International: +61 7 5436 2000

Facsimile: (07) 5494 8604
International: +61 7 5494 8604


American Bird Conservancy International
North America
Various Types

Conservation of birds

American Bird Conservancy
Main Office
P.O. Box 249
4249 Loudoun Ave.
The Plains, VA 20198-2237

Phone: 540 253 5780
Toll Free: 888 247 3624
Fax: 540 253 5782


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