Rules & Regulations

  1. This tool only aims to provide listings of existing conservation projects around the world and therefore to facilitate actions leading to biodiversity preservation. The Biodiversity Portal of Singapore management however does not collect information nor provide assistance in contacting the listed projects. Should a company be interested in a given listed project, the company should contact the organisation managing the specific project directly.
  2. The management does not take any liability in the projects listed on this site. Despite that projects listed are selected (to the best of our knowledge) for being reliable and of quality, it is the responsibility of the donor to make contact with the organisations managing these projects and to undertake background verifications on the nature of the projects.
  3. The management does not take any financial benefit or profit margins from transactions that may occur between the companies/individuals donating and the organisations managing these projects. The management does not facilitate any financial transactions with regards to the conservation projects listed on this site .
  4. As a reward mechanism, this platforms offers the possibility for companies/individuals who have made donations to display their CSR/personal commitment on this section of the site for everyone to see and know that they have contributed.
  5. Only companies/individuals who donate sums above SGD 2000 (for companies) and SGD 500 (for individuals) to a conservation project are eligible to be listed.
  6. In order to be listed the management must verify that a company/individual has indeed contributed to biodiversity conservation through investment in a particular project listed on this site. companies should contact us at and provide the following documents:
    - Evidence of transaction between the organisation running the conservation project and the company/individual who donated. This includes     transaction receipt and/or copy of official letter from the conservation agency clearly stating the amount and nature of the transaction.
    - Mention the name of the project and organisation that runs it
    - Provide a short company profile and highlight of company values when it comes to environmental issues and biodiversity in particular
    - A thumbnail picture of the company

    Upon verification, we will be able to list your company/individual profile and showcase the company/individual as a case study.
  7. Privacy policy. We strictly respect company/individuals privacy. Any information provided will only be used for the purpose of displaying company/individual profile on this section of the site.
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