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This brave young rough green snake was only six inches long but still stood his ground as I approached him, allowing me to get this portrait...

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Downloadable Materials

This section aims to provide users with a selection of downloadable materials on biodiversity. Two types of resources are provided.
1) Links to third party sites which provide extensive biodiversity downloadable
    resources and/or
2) A selection of individual downloadable material

Convention on Biological Diversity

A very good source of information on government/political related biodiversity matters. Areas covered include the convention on biological diversity and the Singapore Biodiversity Index

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Biodiversity Information Standards

A site for those with advanced knowledge in biodiversity-related fields, created to facilitate standardizing biological databases so that they can be shared between organizations and experts.

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Biodiversity 911

Created by WWF, this site and its accompanying Video Education Kit are a good introduction to biodiversity for all ages.

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Mangrove Conservation Toolkit

A tool kit to learn and adapt ideas to protect mangroves

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Educational Tool Kit on Biodiversity for Teachers

A tool kit aimed to help teachers educate on biodiversity

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