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Featured Headline- The last explorers: Singapore's Mega Marine Survey

(picture: Dr Arthur Anker)


The Biodiversity Portal of Singapore was recently granted an exclusive access to the Singapore Mega Marine Survey.


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  • Carbon spark: making the invisible visible!

    If we were to make carbon dioxide real time emissions visible to everyone, society would come to realize to a much greater extent what the source of the climate change problem is and in so doing accelerate the current path to a low carbon economy. 

  • Biodiversity collapse and the rise of the supper bugs!

    Progressing into the 21st century a silent war is on-going; far apart from the tensions in the Middle East or the Korean peninsula, the on-going war is a silent and potentially devastating one between some of the smallest and largest organism on Earth: micro-organisms versus humans!

  • Driving an innovation revolution through Biomimetics

    This century, in order to deal with growing environmental crises, significant technology breakthroughs must be found. While we are currently mostly focusing on existing ideas and improving technologies which have long been known, what we really need is a “green revolution” and new ideas to support a low carbon economy. This will only be achieved through a significant new way of thinking.

  • Demystifying the concept of sustainable construction

    There is a widespread misperception within the construction sector of what it really means to reduce the environmental load of buildings. While efforts to save energy are intensifying, other aspects are often forgotten. This article presents what sustainable construction should be in a seven step process.

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Photographer (left): Laboile alain

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The Diversity of Life on Earth

This portal was inspired from the book "The Diversity of Life on Earth: from Heritage to Extinction"


• Author: Sylvain Richer de forges

• Foreword: Prof P.L. Ng
  (National University of Singapore)

• Publisher: Green Prints Pte Ltd

• Editor: Green Brunei Editorial

• 276 pages

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A recent submarine dive turned up a species of hermit crab that was previously only
 known through dead, dried specimens procured more than a century ago.

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